Somma with SCOBY

Somma is a project created in order to present exemplary usage of SCOBY packaging, weaved through a biological process that turns bio-waste into bio-material. The material creates water and microbial barrier for shampoo and it’s 100% free from plastic and microplastic.

In order to make beautiful and premium looking products with ecological additional value, for the outer packaging I used Materica Gesso paper and I created the minimal design with debossing.

Somma shampoo bars are packed with SCOBY.
SCOBY is an organic material which is durable and edible. It’s a great oxygen barrier. The material can be grown locally anywhere in the world, with little space and local resources. At the end of its use, the material can be composted and used to grow more food which sooner or later will once again become waste, creating a symbiotic circular process. This creative innovation – designed to store semi-dry foods, cosmetics, clothes, and others – may actually be our answer to the future of zero-waste packaging which won’t pollute the environment and even regenerates soil.
The project was made in cooperation with Róża Rutkowska from MakeGrowLab.